Bilingual Outside Sales Rep

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Come to a place where your talents are appreciated, your voice is heard, and your abilities have a direct impact on your compensation.

If you can answer the following questions with an emphatic “heck, yeah!” then please, apply right now (well, actually, look through the job specs, then apply).

Are you Bilingual (English plus Mandarin or Cantonese)?

Are you fanatical about customer service?

Do friends and family rely on you to help them find the perfect gadget?

Does the idea of cubicle work drive you insane?

Can you sell ice in the winter? Fire in hell... How about water to a well?

Do you crave a work environment that has the right mix of credibility and flexibility?

Can you cool your jets and truly listen when people tell you about their problems -- and then blow their socks off with an amazing solution?

Can you be competitive and still be a pleasure to be around? Can you be driven and goal orientated while maintaining a cooperative demenor?

If you’ve answered yes to the above, congratulations! You’re our kind of person and we can’t wait to meet you.

Now on to the serious parts:

Why work for us?

We’re a mature company with a young energetic feel working in the competitive world of Telecommunications. Specifically, we sell home television service, home internet service, mobile phones (iPhone, Blackberry) and airtime, and mobile internet. We have nine busy retail stores and a team dedicated to business clients. We have a HUGE customer base that needs to be serviced by people who really know what they’re talking about. We have a whole world of untapped clients and need people who are energetic about going out and landing new business. We value those with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for customer experience. We’re looking for fun, bright and energetic people who want to take their future in their hands and make really great money. We have a great vision for the opportunities happening RIGHT NOW and we need people to help us go out and seize the day. We have a great extended health benefits package for full time employees.

About the position:

This position pays a base salary and commission. You will make a base salary only for the training period.

Everyone starts our with our online training course. Then you go to sales bootcamp. Then you move on to the floor working with senior sales staff. Once you’ve proven yourself and shown that you don’t need training wheels, you become a fully commissioned sales person (woo hoo!).

You will have your choice to work out of the North Vancouver store or Head Office in Delta. You will be required to create and monitor an advertising campaign tailored to the Chinese community. Generate leads and sales within the Chinese community. Troubleshoot and support our Mandarin/Cantonese speaking clients.

You’ll be paid generous commissions for the activations you do. In fact, as long as you’re doing a good job you’ll make money almost every time the company makes money.

This position is a pilot position and may result in the successful applicant leading a team focused on this area.

We’re not looking for pushy sales people. We are looking for experts who can work well in groups and get along with their co-workers while maintaining a super positive attitude and stellar customer service skills.


Your main responsibility is to be awesome at your job and a pleasure to be around. In addition to that you will have to:

Develop and implement a strategy for advertising targeted towards the Chinese community

Service clients over the phone and potentially on-site

Ensure that every customer has an outstanding experience. This includes:

Providing a friendly welcoming environment

Greeting every customer as soon as they enter the store

Maintain extensive product knowledge

Monitor phone calls from our 1-800 number who select your language option.

Keep on top of corporate communications

Fill out paperwork quickly and flawlessly

Be accountable and meet or exceed your sales targets

Make phone calls to our customers everyday

Become a customer service ninja while learning the ins and outs of a famously large corporate structure and how to cut through bureaucracy


You must have excellent problem solving, creative thinking, and self-motivation skills.

You must be able to work without direct supervision.

You must be willing to work retail hours and work until task completion beyond normal business hours, if necessary.

You must have a clean driving record and be willing to submit to a background check.

You must be able to tell at least two funny jokes (and have a sense of humor).

You must be able to answer some technology questions.

You must be able to clean up after yourself and refill the coffee if you take the last cup.

You must take and pass an online course related to our extensive product line. And then continue to be a fanatical learner about the products.

You must be willing to continue your education in the field of technology, sales, and leadership.

You must be active or knowledgeable in the social web (blogs, facebook, youtube, twitter, etc).

We have no formal education requirement. Why? Because some of the best sales people in the world have never set foot in a classroom. We want smart, energetic people who are passionate about learning new technology and motivated to sell. We are fanatic about learning and on the job training. Becoming great at your job is an absolute requirement. Knowing advanced calculus isn’t.